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Hi world.  I've been more or less lying low during the cold months, as I'm still leery of playing in tightly-packed indoor spaces (bars, etc.)  At my age and as a cardiac survivor, I'm not taking any chances with the big C19.  But gigs are starting to come back now, and so I'm posting again on the Events Calendar page.  Hope to see you soon!
As of late March 2023, I have 582 videos up on YouTube. I was an early Tuber, having started in 2007 with my uploads. Check out my stuff there if you take the notion, because I'm on no other social or music platforms than YouTube currently.   I updated the originals video list below a little.

Here are a few URLs (you'll need to copy and paste, as they're not active links) for a sampler:



Lead Belly:           

Chubby Checker:  

John Cale:             

Rolling Stones:     

Milli Vanilli:         

Bob Dylan:           

Lead Belly again:    

The Seekers                                   


On The One         

Too Much Music

They Know More

Captain Kidd